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Beach Express Mobile Pay™ gets you to the beach a little faster by allowing you to pre-purchase your trips through the toll plaza with the app before you get to Orange Beach and then pay with your Apple or Android device when you get here.

No more fishing for change or searching for a credit card! Once you have pre-purchased your trips (2-10 trips) follow the app screens to use the trips at the Beach Express toll bridge. It’s that easy!

How does it work?

Beach Express Mobile Pay™ uses Lane Locator Codes to identify which lane you are in at the toll plaza. The app then communicates with the computer in that lane to accept payment and raise the gate. Once you confirm your location, the gate goes up and you are off!

I have purchased trips, what do I do now?

When you approach the Beach Express toll plaza you or a passenger loads the app on your mobile device. Since you have already purchased your trips all you have to do is touch the green “PAY” button. Enter the lane locator code for the toll lane you are in and again touch “PAY.” When you are first in line directly in front of the gate press “CONFIRM.”

Where do I find the Lane Locator Code?

Lane locator codes are posted under the green arrows above each lane and on the corner of each booth.

Driving SOUTH to Orange Beach, these are the codes.

Driving NORTH away from Orange Beach, these are the codes.

When should I confirm payment?

When your vehicle is first in line, directly in front of the gate. If you confirm payment with another vehicle in front of you, you will pay for them.

Who is this app for?

Beach Express Mobile Pay was designed for our area visitors! If you live in or around Orange Beach, AL we recommend you open an account and use Alabama Freedom Pass mobile™.